210 olive trees grow on the Gioiadivita land, some of which are over 300 years old. At the end of October / beginning of November we can harvest the precious olives.

    We produce olive oil of extra virgin class, a quality that can only be obtained directly from the producer.

    We use the proceeds from selling our oil to build up the project further. The fresh olive oil is available for pre-order in September, and after the harvest (end of November and mid-January) delivered to Munich. Ordering an annual supply makes environmental sense because it reduces transport and costs. There is no other oil on the market that is so fresh! We look forward every year to hearing from health-conscious gourmets and connoisseurs who appreciate this quality of oil.


    The olive tree needs a lot of care and must be pruned regularly – work that is very labour intensive and at times quite dangerous. So that we can pay the necessary professionals for this work we have an olive tree sponsorship. Anyone who wants to support our work can be tree sponsor.

    One tree sponsorship costs 40 € for an annual membership, which is always withdrawn by direct debit before the harvest. Multiple sponsorship is possible, and the sponsor can arbitrarily extend their contribution upwards. Trees carry a sign with the name the sponsor wants to give it. The sponsor can offset the contribution as a donation recognized by the tax office and buy the fresh olive oil with a 20% discount. Sponsors also make a valuable contribution to the preservation of this ancient cultural landscape.

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    Work, community and enjoyment: We offer an informative and enjoyable harvest holiday for the curious.

    • Accommodation in Gioiadivita Camp in wooden caravans and cabins
    • All meals at the onsite restaurant
    • Campfire

    In addition to assisting in the harvest, there are the following options to learn new things:

    • Excursions to the sea and World Heritage Sites Paestum or Pompeii
    • A hike in the Cilento National Park
    • Visit a buffalo farm – how is mozzarella made?
    • Shopping in Salerno or at one of the southern Italian weekly markets
    • Chestnut Festival in Stio

    and help with the harvest: “laying nets” “snaping”, collecting olives in baskets and stacking the full baskets on the tractor. The olives are delivered daily to the oil mill in Gioi , where they are mechanically pressed still using the old method. Physically intensive manual labour that makes one pretty tired and hungry. The pressing in the oil mill, and then the consumption of fresh olive oil on white bread, accompanied by a glass of red wine – what could be better?

    Experience natural physical work instead of the fitness centre, switching off, relaxation and enjoyment in pure nature!

    Come by car, train or airplane. If interested, we will send all the details, registration and prices.

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