Location and purpose of the Foundation

The non-profit Foundation Gioiadivita is based in Munich, Germany.

Our mission is to provide children and young people space for all-round, holistic development through artistic and ethical pedagogic education opportunities.

Contributions and donations are recognized by the Tax Office.

We are supported by people who have enough to spare – materially or for young people in their development.

Why a foundation?

The Foundation unites our projects under one roof and can exist as long as there are people who want to continue our work.

Transparency and clarity of ownership is fundamental to a community.

A Foundation is not based on ownership, but the implementation of the initially specified purpose. It is about mindful use for the benefit of all who participate.

Where we are

Our childcare centre is in Munich-Schwabing.

The other projects take place on the Foundation’s own 42,000 sqm area of land in southern Italy. This is part of the municipality of Gioi and lies 140 km south of Naples in the Cilento National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

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Fondazione Gioiadivita
Loc. Cetenete
84056 Gioi (Salerno Province)

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