Location and purpose of the Foundation

The non-profit Foundation Gioiadivita is based in Munich, Germany.

Our mission is to provide children and young people space for all-round, holistic development through artistic and ethical pedagogic education opportunities.

Contributions and donations are recognized by the Tax Office.

We are supported by people who have enough to spare – materially or for young people in their development.

Conceptual and thematic decisions are made by the Foundation committee.

Why a foundation?

The Foundation unites our projects under one roof and can exist as long as there are people who want to continue our work.

Transparency and clarity of ownership is fundamental to a community.

A Foundation is not based on ownership, but the implementation of the initially specified purpose. It is about mindful use for the benefit of all who participate.

Where we are

Our childcare centre is in Munich-Schwabing.

The other projects take place on the Foundation’s own 42,000 sqm area of land in southern Italy. This is part of the municipality of Gioi and lies 140 km south of Naples in the Cilento National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

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Fondazione Gioiadivita
Loc. Cetenete
84056 Gioi (Salerno Province)

Gina Gonsior

Board of Directors

Gina Gonsior was born in 1956 and grew up in Ammersee. After studying social pedagogy she spent several informative years travelling in Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India.

In 1980 Gina Gonsior became an independent puppeteer with tours around Germany, Austria and Italy as far as Kiev. In 1997 she founded the childcare centre “The Wolpertinger – educators and artists for children” in Munich – Schwabing and some time later completed training as an NLP trainer.

In 2002 she bought a long abandoned, 4.2 hectares of land in the Cilento National Park in southern Italy, where since 2003 she has organized summer camps for children and adolescents. Subsequently, in 2008 with the transfer of the land, she established the Gioiadivita Foundation. Currently, Gina Gonsior is engaged in the construction of the life academy and continues to work as a puppeteer.

Bianca Wild

Board of Directors

Bianca Wild, at 11 years of age in 1997, was too old to attend the childcare centre herself when it was first established.

As an external visitor, she participated in the dance projects and worked as a trainee during her school days. She enjoyed working with children so much that she completed training to become a childcare educator at the Academy of Social Education in Munich.

Convinced of the values and the concept of the Wolpertinger she has lead the Primary School Group since 2008, and took over the position of deputy project manager in 2010. Through her enthusiasm and commitment far beyond the norm, she could take over the pedagogical management of the entire childcare centre in 2015. With her appointment to the Board Directors she supports the Foundation as its youngest board member.

Avril Arthur-Goettig PHD

Board of Trustees

Avril Arthur Goettig was born in Scotland, studied molecular biology at the University of Edinburgh and later was a research group leader for 13 years at the Gene Center Munich. Since 1996 she has worked as a freelance lecturer and editor of scientific publications. She is a single mother of two daughters. For many years, Avril has been a committed volunteer for Gioiadivita, aiming to inspire children and young people at the foundation’s location in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Cilento about biology and ecology. (www.bioxpress.de)

Dieter Hoffmann

Board of Trustees

Dieter Hoffmann was born as a war child in Cologne in 1941, and evacuated with his family to Bavaria. After the early loss of his parents in 1957 he volunteered in galleries, art shops and craft workshops of friends of his parents. During his military service he was fascinated by aerial surveys, and subsequently made this his profession. Inspired by Gina Gonsior and the artistic community in Wetzling, he became a puppeteer at the age of 45. He has supported the Wolpertinger childcare centre as a volunteer since its inception and now works – also as a volunteer – for the Gioiadivita Foundation. All his life Dieter Hoffmann has been a free, happy autodidact and wants to pass on his experience through interacting with children and young people. (www.teatro-zapalot.de)

Judith Kern

Board of Trustees

Judith Sandmeier studied puppetry and cultural management. She is the mother of two daughters and works as a coach for ADD/ADHD, gifted and high sensitive children and adults and is a practitioner for recalibration in Augsburg.

As a founding member of Gioiadivita e.V. and today as a trustee, she has supported the work of Gina Gonsior and the project since its inception. (www.judithsandmeier.de)

Jens Laue

Board of Trustees

Jens Laue was born in 1966 near Oberhof / Thuringia. From the age of 11 to 19, his youth was shaped by competitive cross-country skiing. After graduating from high school, Jens trained as a mechanic, which was followed a few years later by further training as a financial economist.

Since 2004 he has been working as a self-employed financial economist and has always supported projects that help children and young people.  He himself was a volunteer in several sports clubs as a youth coach.

During his first visit to Cilento in spring 2018, he was inspired by both the idea of the foundation and the Italy project. Since then, he has been supporting the Gioiadivita project both manually and intellectually, by passing on the idea of the foundation.

Vera Ertl

Board of Trustees

After many years of professional connections to northern Italy, Vera Ertl lives as a single mother with her ​​3 children in Miesbach in upper Bavaria. She is an interior designer, Nordic walking trainer, and self-employed as an insurance expert and Feng Shui consultant for 10 years.

She first visited the camp under construction in southern Italy in 2005. Since then she has remained in close contact to Gioiadivita and the idea of ​​a life academy. Since 2015 she is responsible for all insurance aspects of the Foundation’s projects. As a board member she actively carries the idea of ​​the Gioiadivita Foundation actively outwards. (www.vera-ertl-roundfeeling.de)

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